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Entry #3

What a great weekend!

2011-11-27 22:52:24 by Archaein

Hey ya!

How was your weekend? Mine was excellent! After two days of recording voices and drinking beers, I was able to start the last steps of my next movie. I can't fu***ng believe how .wav files sounds good with my new Snowball microphone and Audacity. So much better than when I recorded voices with my old cheap microphone and Mixcraft...

Now i'm trying to put all the scenes of my movie in only one huge scene as suggested by some users on NG forum. I also put this "empty sound" at the very beginning of the movie and make it loop just to be sure that I will not get those annoying lags before each starting streaming sounds.

I think I improve a lot my Flash skills since my last submission and now, i'm hoping all that work will make me get a good score when i'm gonna submit this movie. It should be on NG in 2 or 3 months.

See ya!

Thunder aka Archaein (dreaming of making a movie worthy enough to be on NG front page someday...)


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2011-11-27 23:36:04

Sounds like things are going well for you. :)
I was actually looking at the Snowball mic. I'm guessing you recommend it? I almost bought it the other day, but I've been disappointed by mics before.

Good luck on your projects! :D

Archaein responds:

Well, it is better than the crappy headset I had before. ^^